Sumsum Reveals Why Some Actress Refuse To Kiss Me

Kumawood actor Sumsum has revealed that female actresses do not kiss him in movies and he doesn’t know why they always deny his kisses even when directed by producers.

Speaking to Nana Romeo on Accra FM, he explained that “The only actress I have kissed wasn’t a star but I later had the opportunity to kiss Vivian Jill in a movie in which she needed a child and I had to sleep with her for her to conceive but she turned me down and dodged me when I tried to kiss her . I did not ask her why she dodged me because I didn’t believe in myself. Perhaps they think since I have big eyes, I might knock them with it which scares them away”.

He later expressed his disappointment in discrimination from female actresses when it comes to kissing in movies. Sunsum revealed that most female actresses especially those based in Accra fail to kiss him and few of his colleagues in the Kumawood movie industry but accept kisses from Majid and co, an action he “cannot think far” about.

“ I watched a movie, Lilwin was directed to kiss Jackie Appiah but she denied him. Assuming it was Majid, she would have kissed him passionately with no qualms.The female actresses discriminate when it comes to kissing in movies especially the Accra actresses, What do they take us for ? or because we speak twi ?”, he quizzed.However, reacting to whether an Accra actor has ever been rude to him, he said “yes, Van Vicker. I met him once and wanted to shake him by hand but he turned me down with a thumbs up, which clearly shows he has no regards for me and didn’t value the fact that I wanted to shake his hand as a colleague and when it happens this way the person doesn’t love you.”

Everyone’s career is unique


If you consider twins who have been at school together and even took the same degree at the same university, they would have had slightly different life experiences at that point and would bring slightly differing skills and experiences to an employer.

Once they enter the world of work, experiences diverge further .There are different clients to work with, different staff to manage, different managers to report to, different products to work with , different problems encountered and overcome, different marketing campaigns to plan and execute.

So everyone’s career is unique because it is made up of many components. Their education, life experience, talents, and work experience, as well as their skills, knowledge and personality.

Career advice for teenagers

So how can you plan? The best advice I can give you is to get the best education you can. Study subjects that interest you. Keep as many doors open as possible.

This means keeping your options wide open. Don’t specialise too early. Try to learn a little about as many subjects as you can.

What if Albert Einstein had never studied theoretical physics? We would not have his famous theory of relativity, and quantum theory might never have been developed – maybe we would not have space travel.

Or if Sir Alexander Fleming, who discovered penicillin, had never become a pharmacologist? Medicine would be completely different. Many people’s lives would not have been saved by penicillin.

Or if John Lennon and Paul McCartney had never learnt to play the guitar? The rich and diverse world of music we enjoy would just not be the same.

So try as many things as you can, leisure activities as well as educational. Join in at sports, learn a musical instrument, go ice-skating and swimming, take up golf –perhaps you will find a career in leisure?

What about politics and current affairs –do they interest you –maybe you are a future Prime minister or news reporter?

And take your education seriously too .Qualifications can open doors for you, and lack of qualifications can mean some doors remain closed.

For example many large corporations have graduate entry schemes, and these are the best route to management. We will look at that in more detail later.

But not everyone is academic, and some of us are destined to work in other sectors, perhaps the caring sector, or leisure. So be realistic, assess your academic ability with career advisors, family and teachers. Go as far as you can with education, but when you are no longer enjoying your studies, perhaps it is time to look for something else.

Lifetime learning is a well-accepted principle now, and you can always come back to studying later. Bear in mind though that “later” you may have family and responsibilities that will make returning to study a challenge economically .That’s why it is best to go as far as you can in your youth when you don’t have any other responsibilities.

More Radio Stations To Be Closed Down By NCA

The National Communication Authority (NCA) is said to be preparing for another round of mass clampdown on radio stations after sanctioning 131 last week.

Newspapers with ties to the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) are quoting “a source at the NCA” as indicating plans to takedown radio stations that violate aspects of the Electronics Communications Act (2009), Act 775.

The Daily Statesman and the Daily Guide newspapers both report in their Monday, October 2, 2017, publications that the source, who is also a member of the board, has revealed that frequency holders who do not respect the rules will be yanked off air.

If those given those frequencies do not respect the rules, should we just leave it to God and wring our hands? Heck no,” the Daily Statesman quoted the unnamed source.

The airwaves regulator last week published a list of 131 FM Authorisation Holders it has sanctioned for violating various aspects of the Electronics Communications Act (2009), Act 775.XGltYWdlc1xjb250ZW50XDEwMjIwMTc4MzYxOF8xNTMyMDQyMTgzMDMzXzMxNjU4MjI3MDc2ODUuanBnfDc3MHwxMC8zLzIwMTc=

Joe Anokye is the Acting Director-General of the NCA

A further 13 FM Authorisation Holders are said to have been issued with reprieves as pertains to their authorisations.

The NCA also revoked completely the authorisations of 21 FM stations whose authorisations had expired over several years and were operating illegally.

The Media Foundation for West Africa (MFWA), a media rights champion, has backed the move by the NCA.

The Foundation believes freedom of speech must be practiced in an atmosphere of rules and regulations, law and order.

However, the National Democratic Congress (NDC) Minority in Parliament has described the sanctions as “draconian” , kicking against the fines slapped on defaulting radio stations by the NCA.

In a statement, the group insists the action by the regulator is “troubling” and may have “grave implications for press freedom and media pluralism.”

Meanwhile, the source being quoted by the Daily Guide and Daily Statesman newspapers say the NCA is committed to making the laws work and build strong institutions.

Free SHS: Rastafarian Girl Denied Admission Into Accra Girls


A parent seeking a admission for his ward at the Accra Girls Senior High School has been denied because she had dreadlocks.

According to the father, his daughter is a Rastafarian and it is against their religion to cut off the locks.

The distraught father, name withheld, said efforts to explain issues to school authorities proved futile.

He is convinced their decision to deny his daughter admission is borne out of ignorance.

“I tried to see the headmistress. She was locked in her office. We want to see her to clarify things. We are Rastafarians as such our kids need to be educated…I don’t see why she won’t be able to keep her locks …” the worried father told Adom FM.

He believes Rastafarians in Ghana are being disregarded and disrespected and as such called on the government to intervene.

Meanwhile, the National Secretary of the Conference of Heads of Assisted Secondary Schools (CHASS), Mr Samuel Gyebi Yeboah has urged head teachers at various Senior high Schools to offer Rastafarian students’ admission.

He also advised parents whose wards are being denied admission to forward their concerns to the Ghana Education Service for immediate action to be taken.

‘Hello, Vladimir Putin, I am a robot!’ President shakes hands with Russian-made android


Popular Russian welcome robot Promobot, which has made headlines around the world over the past several years, surprised Vladimir Putin when he recognized him at a tech forum, and started enthusiastically introducing himself.

The Russian president was making a tour of an IT exhibition in Perm, which is vying to become the country’s Silicon Valley, and stopped by the big-eyed, three-fingered, human-sized machine.

Its inventors began delivering a presentation about their brainchild, when Promobot suddenly began flashing after spotting the president, and said “Hello, Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, I am Promobot,” and reached out with his hand, which Putin shook.

Promobot, which is used as a guide, bank assistant, and eye-catching salesman in dozens of places across Russia, keeps a database of regular clients, and – as it turns out – prominent public figures.

By recognizing who he is talking to, he can adjust his script, and offer personalized assistance and conversation.

Designed by a group of 20-something Perm designers three years ago, the robot, which was intentionally modeled to resemble beloved androids from films – such as C-3PO from Star Wars, JARVIS from Iron Man, and VGC-60L from Robot & Frank – has been the subject of several viral stories.

Last year, a prototype model was said to have escaped from its testing laboratory, while a video released by the developers two months ago showed a Promobot seemingly saving a small girl from being crushed by a bookshelf, in a behavior it supposedly learned by itself.

Its makers say that they have sold the machines, which are priced at $20,000 and up, in numbers around the globe.

During his Perm speech to local start-up companies, Putin encouraged them to develop more Russian tech, particularly in sensitive areas such as security, and said that he believed that the internet-of-things would be a key practical innovation in the coming years.