Anamon is at it again with his new single Nkwasiawuo which released under Papabi Production in conjuction with Footsteps Entertainment,many believes the song Kwasiawuo  is a Diss track to some unknown industry players,but hate it or love it the song is Dope!!!!IMG-20171030-WA0281

Anamon _Nkwasiawuo_(prod by Tombeatz ) DOWNLOAD

End ‘traditional’ interference in sexual abuse cases and punish offenders more severely:crying girlA child is raped in the west. Though the system is not perfect, her emergency needs are immediately catered for by Social Services, specialised Child Protection/Safeguarding Police, the ambulance service and hospital staff. She undergoes a formal medical examination wherein bodily samples are taken to verify the rapist’s identity. If she is related to the rapist, a Police Protection Order is sought to take her away from the family home and ensure her safety. The alleged perpetrator is arrested, tried and eventually imprisoned once proven guilty. The penalty can be as severe as life imprisonment. The child receives therapeutic support to cope with her traumatic ordeal.
A child is raped in Ghana. The police may not be automatically involved. Her recourse to medical and legal assistance is wholly dependent upon her family’s economic and social status. More often than not, her family will be offered a small payment by the rapist to ensure his anonymity. Often, he will escape justice altogether. Adult victims may be forced to marry their perpetrators. No concrete family, social or therapeutic support is given.
According to ‘The Treatment of Consent in Sexual Assault Law in Ghana,’ “Ghanaian customary law considers rape to be unlawful. However, there are customs, practices and beliefs in Ghanaian society which influence how rape cases are handled in the Ghanaian legal system.” In a recent case village chiefs consulted their gods who are said to have determined that the alleged perpetrator was innocent, prohibiting the mother from seeking justice for the rape of her child! In another case a 2 year old girl was sexually abused and bled to death from her injuries: the case was not publicised. The perpetrator has not been apprehended! Another 4 year old girl is battling for her life after being raped by an 18 year old man!
It is time for customary thinking to be divorced and forcibly extricated from the legal arena! The voice of local deities should be given no audience within legal matters! It’s also time that the antiquated term ‘defilement’ that further taints the reputation of the victim, is replaced with a more appropriate term that puts the onus squarely on the actions of the perpetrator alone!
If the state won’t handle matters satisfactorily, let the people who are concerned enough to effect permanent change lead the way! The current system is clearly failing our children. Let not the deaths and suffering of child rape victims be in vain. Let’s put this matter firmly at the top of the agenda! Every child is significant irrespective of wealth or lack thereof! Let a fresh campaign begin and succeed where others have failed! Child abuse can only be satisfactorily eradicated and minimised when it is challenged! No more ignorance and avoidance! No more cover ups and bribes! No more abuse and violence! #Nomoresilence!

WUTAH announces video for ‘Bronya’wutahGhanaian band WUTAH –comprising Frank Osei (Wutah Afriyie) and Daniel Morris (Wutah Kobby) have finally released the video to their widespread comeback hit Bronya .

Directed by X Bills Ebenezer, the 80s-themed video invokes as much nostalgia as the record itself. Bronya is the second joint since Wutah announced their return as a group months ago –the other being AK47.

Wutah’s explosive break into Ghana’s music industry was with their 2006 debut Anamontuo, which birthed such classics as Adonko, Goosy Ganda and Big Dreams.

watch the video down below:

I Support My Son Being Gay – KKDKKD

Broadcaster Kwasi Kyei Darkwah (KKD) says he supports his son, Darkwah Kyei-Darkwah for disclosing his gay sexual preference.

Darkwah Kyei-Darkwah, who is a model, opened up about being gay in a digital magazine,

He said he had a difficult time coming out about his sexuality and that, he used to hide it and remembered instances when he used to be very quiet, obedient and often stayed in his room so that he will not be noticed while living with his parents.

Reacting to the story, KKD declared support for his son and said “Come joy or pain, sunshine or rain, success or failure, I will always love my son Darkwah Kyei-Darkwah and my daughter Ohemaa Asokwa Kyei-Darkwah. My love, care and devotion to my children are non-negotiable.”

In a lengthy post on Facebook, the broadcaster noted that, “Whilst the culture in which I was raised influenced me to lean towards raising my children as Asante, Christian, well-mannered, audacious,industrious, cosmopolitan and heterosexual, I do not consider it my place to pontificate, praise or condemn the sexuality any adult identifies with.Darkwah-Kyei-Darkwah-819x1024

A beautiful Friday to you, family, friends, followers, frenemies and foes.

I have been notified of the eagerly re-published article on my dearly beloved son Darkwah Kyei-Darkwah’s speaking up on his acceptance of his sexuality.

His words were candid and courageous.
“The first step to being happy is to be honest and embrace who you are in its totality.” -Anon.

His statement of his conviction and comfort with himself as a young man is a matter of an individual’s sexuality.

Come joy or pain, sunshine or rain, success or failure, I will always love my son Darkwah Kyei-Darkwah and my daughter Ohemaa Asokwa Kyei-Darkwah.

My love, care and devotion to my children are non-negotiable.

There are ex-wives and ex-husbands but there are no ex-children nor ex-parents.

No truth nor lies, no malicious gossip nor ill-willed broadcast can ever change my love and devotion for my children no matter who they think they are.

Through divorce and a year after, I stayed strong through the storm as a single father to raise my son and daughter aged 7+ and 5+, working, teaching, cooking, cleaning, ironing, reading, driving, playing, flying, juggling, mentoring, role-playing and praying, all to keep their welfare paramount.

I have never ever shunned them as some strange and hateful persons would have the feeble-minded and gullible believe.

The uncouth, green-eyed monsters and miserable plebeians’ obsession with the lives of those they secretly admire or hate can lead to some rather curious acts of malice.

I have plenty praise for all the Earth Angels; family, lovers and loyal friends who helped me through my work and studies to care for our kind, courteous and gifted children.

Like all youngsters, they too have their highs and lows but they have been the joy of my life for years and still are.

Whilst the culture in which I was raised influenced me to lean towards raising my children as Asante, Christian, well-mannered, audacious, industrious, cosmopolitan and heterosexual, I do not consider it my place to pontificate, praise or condemn the sexuality any adult identifies with.

Each of us is a sum of many parts and sexual orientation is only one.

I bow with respect to the culture of my people and habitat but I also respect the culture and choices of others in theirs.

I am an open-hearted, open-minded tourist in God’s vast lands, who embraces all colour, race and creed:

Religion; Atheist, Christian, Hindu, Jew, Muslim, Pagan or other,

Gender Identity; Male Female Queer or other
Sexual orientation; Heterosexual, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transvestite or other, and

Skin tone; black, brown, yellow, pink, white, pale or other

I have seen, encountered and worked in offices and at corporate functions, exhibitions and stately banquets with them all.

What I have learnt through travel and open mind is that they have more similarities than differences with you and I.

We all have a shared humanity even though we walk and talk differently, dress and stress differently, win and sin differently.

My admiration and respect for the talents of Oscar Wilde the thinker, writer and aesthete, Tom Ford the designer and film maker, Tim Cook the CEO of Apple, David Geffen, co-founder of DreamWorks Animation SKG Inc. and investor in Apple, Peter Mandelson the producer turned politician, Queen Latifah, rap artiste and actress, Ellen DeGeneres, Anderson Cooper and Don Lemon the broadcasters, Ryan Murphy the writer, director and producer of Glee, Edward Enninful, first black editor of style Bible Vogue and Sir Ian Murray McKellen, CH, CBE (born 25 May 1939) the English actor, recipient of six Laurence Olivier Awards, a Tony Award, a Golden Globe Award, a Screen Actors Guild Award, a BIF Award, two Saturn Awards, four Drama Desk Awards, two Critics’ Choice Awards, two Oscar nominations, four BAFTA nominations and five Emmy Award nominations are not diminished by their sexual identity nor orientation.

My son Darkwah is a gentle, creative, confident, erudite and hard-working 23 year-old who has studied Fashion Design and worked as Sales Executive for Harrods and Givenchy, Sales Executive then Stylist – Luxury Accessories for Tom Ford, Account Executive for Haddon PR and is now Fashion Editor for the Gay Times, arguably the world’s biggest magazine in its genre. And yes I love him, I admonish him, I scold him and I celebrate him as a loving father.

Whats your difference? Whats your talent? What’s your sin?

As you ponder whether to accept and share yours in spirit and truth with the world, take a moment to ask yourself if those people and things you aim your wrath and persecution at are the cause of the state you are in.

Also ask your parents, and your children, if they would treat you the way you treat others in the event that your sexuality were any different.

It warms my heart to see that my dearly beloved son has the courage and clarity of mind to speak up for himself, as everyone should to enable all live without narrow-mindedness, prejudice, fear and hate.

If each one would spend time doing something that brings them closer to realizing their goals, purpose and happiness whilst respecting the existence of others and safeguarding the environment and public purse, we would all be better for it.

All of us cannot be simultaneously happy with the way everyone finds their peace and happiness but we can agree to let what we see wrong in others never overshadow what is wrong with ourselves.

Whether my son says he is straight or gay, he will forever remain my dearly beloved son. Dig that.


Efya walks out of interview after she was told Nigerian jollof is the bestefya-1

Over the weekend, Ghanaian music diva Efya was in Lagos as she was billed to perform at the 2017 Buckwyld n Breathless concert.

As part of her media tour, she came by the NET for an interview where she spoke about her affiliations with Wizkid, the Starboy imprint, challenges in the Ghanaian music industry and also hinted on releasing a new project.

During the interview, we put the singer on the spotlight by asking her if she thinks Nigerian jollof is better than Ghanaian jollof and her reaction was… she walked away -for a short while.

The Jollof war between Nigeria and Ghana has been ongoing for the longest time and it is expected that the singer would come to the defence of her people.

The battle between Nigerian and Ghanaian Jollof Rice has reached almost epic proportions online.

There is a constant argument on Twitter between Nigerians and Ghanaians over which country has the best Jollof Rice.

Nigerians scored a lot of points in the Jollof Rice debate when Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg visited Nigeria in August 2016 and gushed about the country’s Jollof Rice.

I’m too ‘jeje’ for Bukom Banku – Sista Afiasister-afia-1

Highlife artiste, Sista Afia has said she is too ‘jeje’ for Bukom-based boxer Bukom Banku.

She made this known in an interview with’s David Mawuli.

When asked if the brand of Bukom Banku is the best of brands, Sista Afia however, said she cannot determine the brand direction for the boxer who was currently defeated in a well-publicized bout against Bastie Samir.

She said “I’m not the right person to determine whether Bukom Banku’s brand is good or not. He’s just doing what he has to do and I’m not in the position to decide for him. Basically, he has to do what he has to because it’s his own life and career.”