Appietus Can’t Handle MUSIGA – Rex Omar ClaimsXGltYWdlc1xjb250ZW50XDMxNjIwMTgxMjQxNDFfYXBwaWV0dXMuanBnfDc3MHw0MDB8My8xNi8yMDE4

eteran musician Rex Omar has stated that sound engineer Appiah Dankwa, popularly known as Appietus, does not have what it takes to lead the Musician Union of Ghana (MUSIGA).

Speaking in an interview on Starr Chat with Bola Ray on Wednesday, he mentioned that Appietus can’t be MUSIGA president, explaining that “the dynamics at MUSIGA go beyond his capabilities.”

“I know people are trying to step into the shoes of Obuor, but most of the people are just trying to ‘chop the post’. I don’t believe Appietus understands what MUSIGA stands for. Appietus cannot handle MUSIGA, it’s not as easy as people think it is,” Rex added.

Appietus last contested for the position in October 2015 but he lost to Obour who retained the seat by winning 88 votes to beat his contenders – Gyedu Blay Ambulley and Appietus – who polled 22 and 18 votes respectively.

Appietus, as alleged, is seeking to contest again.
But Rex Omar has his misgivings about him becoming MUSIGA president.

He, however, observed that Obour did well for MUSIGA, grading his performance 70 percent.

“When he started he was young and passionate and so cannot be said to be perfect, but I think Obour has done well and I’ll score him 70 percent. He has taken MUSIGA to another level. The question is when Obour leaves, who will be able to take MUSIGA to another level?” he questioned.

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