Fella Makafui of YOLO fame sleeps with men for money – Efia OdoXGltYWdlc1xjb250ZW50XDIyMTIwMTg1MTIyNF9mZWxsYW1ha2FmdWlhbmRlZmlhb2RvLmpwZWd8MzAwfDE4MHwyLzIyLzIwMTg=

According to a budding Actress, Fella Makafui of YOLO fame sleeps with men for money – Efia Odo reveals.

She made several damning allegations against her colleague actress on snapchat.

According to Efia, Fella Makafui the YOLO star sleeps with politicians and “big men” for money, cars and other luxuries she is currently enjoying yet makes it seems she’s working so hard for all she has acquired in the shortest time in her career.

In several video posted on her snapchat, the actress alleges that her colleague actress does not know her worth and therefore give her body to the men for luxury.

“if you know your worth as a woman, you won’t be sleeping with men for money and be giving thanks to God for all that you have.”

“I have given my life to Christ so I don’t even consider this a lifestyle anymore…” Efia said in her videos.

Fella Makafui of YOLO fame sleeps with men for money – Efia OdoEfia Odo

She also used the opportunity to call on ladies to desist from falling for the fake life lived by the so-called celebrities on Instagram as most of them give sex for whatever they have to impress the public.

Efia Odo also alleged that Fella Makafui has also slept with Medikal and once Deborah Vanessa finds out, she will deal with her at the appropriate time.

Fella Makafui of YOLO fame sleeps with men for money – Efia OdoFella Makafui of YOLO fame

“I know people will tell her not to mind me because I am jealous of her. That is not the case, I am not jealous of her (Fella Makafui) because I have similar big men chasing me but I’ve given my life to Christ. Christ has bought me with his blood so no man can buy me. I know my worth and I will not sell myself to a man”.

Efia Odo has been rumoured to have cheated with Dancehall act Shatta Wale whne he made several visits to the States but she has denied all rumours of her sex allegations.

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