Don’t worsen our sorrows – Ebony’s aunt responds to ‘revelations’ebony...-696x437-696x437

Many ‘revelations’ have been made by selfprofessed prophets since the death of Dancehall artiste,Ebony, some of which are quiet unpleasant and the family isn’t pleased at all.

Madam Mercy Frimpomaa, a maternal aunt of Ebony, who was seen with the Sponsor hitmaker in a video shot when she visited her mother in Sunyani has even been accused of being behind her death.

And in interview with Showbiz at the One Week observation of Ebony at the St Martin De Porres School in Dansoman, Madam Frimpomaa described such ‘revelations’ as unfortunate.

“It is very painful to hear such things especially when the family is grieving.

What will you gain by speaking such lies? I’m already hurt and these comments hurt me more.

I have heard so many things after the death of my daughter which are quite unfortunate.

“I don’t want to believe that any member of my family including me or any of her colleagues is responsible for her death because it could be her destiny.

However, if anyone is truly responsible for her death, I pray that she will be avenged,” she said.

According to Madam Frimpomaa, who is the younger sister of Ebony’s mother, her ecstatic mood in the video was genuine because she had not seen her niece in a long time.

“I rushed to my sister’s house immediately I heard that Ebony would be visiting.

You know, her mother is not based in Ghana so we were all surprised by her visit.

Besides, it was a good opportunity for a family reunion,” she stated.

However, the family reunion, she said, was short-lived when she had a call from Ebony’s mother early on Friday giving her such bad news.

“I just couldn’t believe the news so I told my sister not to talk like that.

She insisted her daughter was dead but I was sure it was mistaken identity because I saw an energetic young girl just a few hours ago.

When I confirmed it myself, I was grief stricken and that has been my mood since then,” she

Other family members who spoke with Showbiz said they were yet to come to terms with Ebony’s death.

Akosua, is a paternal cousin to Ebony and she expressed how devastated she had been since her death.

“My sister is too young to die.

The ideal situation is to see a child bury the parents but in her case, she had to be buried at such a young age.

I’m so heartbroken especially when she was bringing glory to the family and the country,” she said.

Another cousin, Adwoa Frimpomaa told Showbiz,“I had heard and listened to her songs but I didn’t even know that she was a relative until I saw her father, who is my uncle, in one of her videos.

Last year, I heard he had come to town with her for a show so I made time to meet them and that was when my
uncle officially introduced us.

“Even though that was the first time we met each other, she was so pleasant and she had promised to see me on her next visit,” Adwoa Frimpomaa, Ebony’s cousin said.

Nana Ama is the wife of Ebony’s maternal uncle and she told Showbiz how she had to be strong for her children who were beyond control when they heard of the Hustler singer’s death.

“One of my children collapsed immediately after hearing Ebony’s demise.

We can’t question God so we just have to be strong and console ourselves in these difficult times,” she said.

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