Lilwin Is Not My Class – Agya Koo BoastsXGltYWdlc1xjb250ZW50XDI0MjAxODkzNjE0XzMyMzEzNDgxMzQ1N18zNzMwNjA1NjE0MjE2LmpwZ3w5OTB8Mi81LzIwMTg=

Popular Kumawood actor Egya Koo born Kofi Adu has said no one in the industry is his competition, not even fellow actor Kwadwo Nkansah aka Lil Win.

He said contrary to reports that Lil Win is more popular than he is, any Kumawood actor is yet to reach the height he [Egya Koo] has reached.

Speaking at the launch of his new mobile app, Egya Koo 2CTV Sunday, he said he has achieved so much to by putting Kumawood on the map.

Agya Koo who said his acting career has been blessed by God added that he is not threatened in any way by actors like Lil Win.XGltYWdlc1xjb250ZW50XDI0MjAxODkzNjExXzg3NTA0NzhfNzg2NjM3LmpwZ3w3NzB8Mi81LzIwMTg=

Kumawood actor Lil Win
He said when it comes to comedy and entertaining people in movies other actors can only dream to reach the height of his success.

Explaining why he is no longer prominent in Kumawood movies, he alleged that there was a meeting by some Kumawood filmmakers to deliberately sabotage him.

He claimed this was after he refused to pose naked in the historical ‘Komfo Anokye movie.

The actor with close to 100 movies to his credit said as someone who has campaigned against pornography in local movies, there was no way he could have posed naked in a movie.

Lashing out to some Kumawood filmmakers, he said nothing could turn him away from doing what he believes is right because many people are looking up to him.

The ‘Ma Tricki Wo’ actor said it is rather laughable that the filmmakers believe not casting him will affect him financially.

He stressed that with his own productions and new initiatives like the newly launched app, he is living a comfortable life.

Egya Koo called on Ghanaians to support their own and download the Egya Koo 2CTV app as he has alot up his sleeves when it comes to entertainment.

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