For past five years i have been on the internet just to find a legit website that really pays to work from home,but i have  tried a lot but none of them really worked for me,through research and perseverance then i end up here@Time Bucks
Let me keep it simple for you guys,time bucks really pay but not much but it depends on your input,what i mean is your time,it’s all about time and u have to be fast enough to complete all the surveys that they will give you.
Time bucks pay you to watch videos,install apps,click on pictures,view contents and etc,just that to get paid,spending 30mints to 40mints could get you one dollar, you also get one dollar for signingup,and You will get paid commission for anyone you refer to TimeBucks. We pay on 5 levels, meaning that whoever you refer, you also get commission for all the people they refer too, and also from anyone they refer to.
Time bucks has a bonus section,they call it money tab or free money where they pay you to roll for 10 cents in every 24hours.
That’s it guys sign up ang get your one dollar bonus,watch videos,view pictures and other stuff and earn money,refer to others and get commission.and you get paid through paypal and payza when you reach the $10.
Follow this link and just sign up and from home.https://timebucks.com/?refID=215211213



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