It’s being some few weeks ago that “Anamon” the renowned artiste “Ananon” who recently released a controvercial song called “Nkwasiawuo”,was arrested for his sang being played at someones funeral,because most of the people requested his song at the funeral grounds,which the family of the deceased thought it was an insult to the family and adisgrace to the dead.

with the help of his producer “Papabi” Anamon was able to pay his fund which was five thousand ghana cedis {ghc 5000}

A week later,one of the moblie networks wanted “Anamon to sighn a contract for their new advertisment on their new product
The contract needed two signatures which was “Anamon’s” and his producer “Papabi’s” signature,the contract was made to be sighn of the fifth december 2017
On that day “Anamon’s” dream was no fulfilled since Papabi’s presence was needed urgently in the company
That faithful morning Anamon called his producer Papabi to meet him at the company’s office at 10:00 am,In the morning there was a sudden change of atmosphere since Papabi’s father was rushed to the hopital,on that very day Anamon’s producer Papabi lost his father,this incident made it impossible for the contract to be sighn.IMG-20171211-WA0048“Papabi’s” father

And on the Tuesday Anamon’s producer Papabi lost her daughter who was a third year student of Kumasi Acedemy {Kumaca}IMG-20171211-WA0043Daughter of madam Pabapi.

this whole incidents is a big blow for Anamon and his entire team {footstepsentertainment and Papabi Productions}to deal with and it has affected the Artsist “Anamon’s”upcoming events.IMG-20171211-WA0045

And this Madam Pabapi,the ceo of “Pababi” production and the brains behind the sensentional singer “Anamon”.



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