Some Parts Of Kidi’s ‘Odo’ Lyrics Make No Sense – Lucky LawsonXGltYWdlc1xjb250ZW50XDExMjcyMDE3MTI0MTM4X2x1Y2tpZWxhd3NvbmFuZGtpZGkuanBnfDk5MHwxMS8yOC8yMDE3

Actress Luckie Lawson has expressed dissatisfaction with the lyrical content of Kidi’s hit song ‘Odo’ and took to social media over the weekend to poke fun at the rising musician.

According to her, part of the song which glorifies death over life doesn’t smack a sense of maturity.

In that part of the song, Kidi reveals he does not mind dying for his lady’s love. But Luckie thinks that it’s a “high school” assertion.

“Kidi so you said because of love if you die it’s nothing. That’s high school talk. OK. You wait, if you grow, then you will know love is foolishness. You will say Luckie said it,” Luckie Lawson said on social media on Instagram and Facebook on Saturday.

The post generated a lot of reactions on both Facebook and Instagram, with most people making fun of the artiste, while others say Kidi will grow up to know the truth.

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