THE ARTISTE “ANAMON” HAS BEEN ARRESTED FOR HIS NEWLY SONG “NKWASIA WUO” IMG-20171121-WA0002The family of Yaw Badu on the 22nd of November 2017 arrested the artiste Anamon for his new hit “NKWASIA WUO” for being played at their one week celebration. He has been fund for the amount of Five thousand Ghana cedis (5000)which the family claim to have been their lost. IMG-20171121-WA0001Their reason for their arrest was that, the DJ they hired for the one week celebration played Anamon’s music “NKWASIA WUO” which the family thought it’s an insult to the deceased and the family at large. They constantly warn the DJ to change the music but refused.On questioning the DJ he said that he was carried away by the crowd as the crowd forced him and kept requesting Nkwasia wuo to be played over and over. But to Family “Nkwasia wuo” results to their fund lost because all the crowd gathered to dance to the tune of Nkwasia wuo.
Mr Diyago is the family’s macho men,pro and a millonaire who is not letting go this issue,so all ears, eyes are open and fingers are cross to know more about the Arrest of Anamon, radioghanaonline tried as much they can to get Mr Diyago’s number,0247100854 but he is not responding at all.

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