Patapaa Is Not A Serious Musician; He Is A Big Joker- Fancy GadamXGltYWdlc1xjb250ZW50XDQxOTIwMTgxMDEzMTVfZmFuY3lfZ2FkYW0uanBnfDc3MHw0MDB8NC8xOS8yMDE4

Mujahid Ahmed Bello, popularly known by his stage name as Fancy Gadam, has laughed off getting together on a song with Patapaa and labelled the one corner hit maker as a joker.

“Patapaa is a joker,” he laughed; stating he has no intention of doing a song with the Pa2Pa boss.

He went on to say he does not see Patapaa as a serious Musician.

There had been some heat between the two musicians after Patapaa missed out on winning the most popular song of the year award at the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards (VGMA).

Patapaa accused Fancy Gadam of paying money to charter house, the organizers of the VGMA to be given the award on the night. An allegation which led to Fancy Gadam indirectly telling Patapaa to go and die if he does not like the fact that he Fancy, has won the award with his hit song, total cheat.

When asked if Fancy Gadam will welcome a collaboration with Patapaa, yesterday on the star chat program hosted by Bola Ray on Starr FM, the celebrated Artiste in the northern region resorted to laughing as he stated Patapaa is a joker and is not even talented.

Fancy Gadam believes he has the biggest fan zone in Ghana and has managed to fill the Tamale Sports Stadium five time. Attributing it to how he was able to win the award Patapaa got upset about.


IMG-20171030-WA0281Anamon who recently released his most controversial song “Nkwasiwuo” has had his thought on last saturday Vodafone Ghana music awards.
“Anamon” is urging Patapaa,King Promise and others who didnt win any awards last saturday night at Vgma’s that they should  focus on their musical carreer and put what happend last saturday out from their lane,because Ghanains dont have any award shceme and musiga is not planning to make any step to it.
“Anamon” also explained that the so called Vodafone Ghana music awards we all knew all this while is a private entity base in Nigeria called Charter house,and they have a branch here in Ghana using us to promote their brand,their artist and most of all been using us to get more money which 90% of Ghanains have no idea of.
So Anamon is pleading his fellow musicians not to dwell on Vodafone Ghana music awards because it is a business and private company using the name Ghana to earn more,so it is  not real and nothing good comes out from it.


Kwadee, Kontihene, Lucky Mensah “Pressured” Me To Do Secular Music – Noble Nketsiah Reveals

 download (1)Gospel artiste, Nobel Nketsiah, has revealed that some secular artistes advised him to pursue secular music back in the day because of his silky voice.

He revealed that musicians like highlife artiste Lucky Mensah, hiplife artistes- Kwadee and Kontihene -all tried to pursue him to venture into secular music.

According to Nobel Nketsiah, even though they tried, he never fell for the pressure to go secular because he was resolute in his decision to give hope to people.

In a conversation with JoyNews’ MzGee, on the state of gospel music in Ghana, Nobel Nketsiah said he pursued gospel music to give back to God.

“I could have done secular music if I wanted to because I have the voice to do it. If I want to do R&B, I can do that but I choose to do gospel. I remember very well when I was recording my first album, there were people like Kwadee, Kontihene, Lucky Mensah, Dilute and all those young guys [were] doing secular and making it very big,” he said.

“I remember when I go to the studio and they hear me singing, they will say, ‘you have such an amazing voice, this one when you do secular music, you will sell’ but I remembered the house I was coming from,” Nobel Nketsiah added.

He claims that gospel musicians of today have watered-down God’s calling for their personal gain.

“Some of us when we started in 2000, I used to listen to people like Daughters of Glorious, Tagoe Sisters, Amy Newman, Esther Amoako, Akosua Serwaa Bonsu, Rev Mary Ghansah, Nana Yaw Asare, lots of them, you listen to them and get lots of inspiration for your soul, they give you hope and it’s because they devoted themselves and allowed God to use them to be blessings to some of us,” he said.

The musician explained that “In recent times, it more like how I can do to get to the top, how much I

can do to be heard, what I can do to follow the trend, how I can get more money and shows, forgetting that we have a calling.”

Nobel also shared his views on collaborations between secular and gospel artistes.

“It’s either you are hot or cold. What are you endorsing? What am I known for? When you pick a Noble Nketsiah CD, what do you expect to hear? Why should I give you room to doubt what you hear” he said questioning the rationale behind such collaborations.

Noble Nketsiah, who was on a hiatus from music, is back with a new single titled ‘Meto’ meaning ‘I Will Sing’.

Kwame happy is out with a new smash hit entitled “OYE” Gigz BeatSkeletonn 20180331_003859

Kwame happy who was then called Skelleton has done an incredible job by putting up this afrocentric gospel out.
In this song Kwame happy talks about his being through,struggles,success and how far God has brought him.
We all knew him as a rapper,but this time Kwame happy set the bar by doing his own hooks and singing defferent verses before the rap came in.
This shows how dynamic,talented and creative he is to switch lanes like this and this is how we do it when you want to impress the world with your gift.
Kwame Happy_”Oye”         DOWNLOAD

Zylofon is the only music label in Ghana – Edem

06112016034139edemnewTalented hiplife artiste Edem has said sensational record label Zylofon is the only record label in Ghana.

In his view, all other labels are now developing and are yet to reach maturity.Zylofon Media which burst onto the entertainment industry just a year ago has signed almost all major artistes in the country including dancehall rivals Shatta Wale and Stonebwoy.“
I think to some extent Zylofon is the only label. I think it would just be right to say any label here is a developing label,” he told Giovani Caleb and Berla Mundi on the Starr Drive Thursday.Wading into the tension between Shatta Wale and Stonebwoy, the ‘You Dey Craze’ singer said the supposed beef is being overhyped by Ghanaians.“
I tweeted yesterday that very soon someone might get hurt over this beefs. Let’s note that the more we go at each other’s throat the more relevant we become. I don’t think Stonebwoy and Shatta are making the game stale. I would blame the corporate people for being hypocritical about these issues. When something is not curbed, it would definitely get to a point where there is no limits”.

Hosting US Soldiers Will Trigger Terror Attacksjonsongen

Ghana could become a target for extremists if the agreement with the United States of America for a defence cooperation arrangement that will allow the latter to have a military camp in Ghana is ratified.

The General Secretary of the National Democratic Congress, Asiedu Nketia, who said this at the party’s news conference in Accra today [Thursday], indicated that the agreement if ratified by Parliament, will send wrong signals which could subsequently make Ghana vulnerable to attacks.

“The recurring theme of the US fight against terrorism is that Islam or Islamic extremism is to blame. The establishment of a military base in Ghana to combat terrorism could therefore send wrong signals and make this country a target of extremists.”

“We have witnessed this happen within the West African sub-region. You heard about the bombing in Burkina Faso. You heard about the bombings elsewhere in the world. In Kenya where our beloved Prof. Awoonor died. It was an attack against Western interest. You heard about what is happening in Boko Haram- It is an attack on western civilization.”

Mr. Nketia believes that Ghana does not need a “US military base on our soil to demonstrate our commitment to fight terrorism since existing security cooperation between Ghana and the US are sufficient to encourage bilateral cooperation in the global effort to combat terrorism.”

‘We’ll review deal in 2021’

He indicated that, the deal, if ratified by Parliament, will be suspended and reviewed by the NDC if it returns to office in 2021.

“We wish to state here and now that if President Akufo-Addo and his NPP administration proceed to ratify the agreement despite protests and public sentiments, the NDC administration which will assume the reins of government in 2021, will suspend the agreement and initiate a far reaching review.”

Mr. Nketia further defended previous agreements signed during their term in office, saying it did not put the lives of Ghanaians at risk.

“In 2015, in the height of Boko Haram insurgency, I think our sister country requested the support of Americans and the Americans wanted somewhere where they could store their consumables and other things and use here as a staging post to support Nigeria, so we went into agreement for that specific period.”

‘Details of agreement’
Among other things, the US military will be exempted from paying taxes on equipment they will bring to Ghana

they will also be allowed to set up a telecommunication system on Ghana’s radio spectrum for free.

Although many Ghanaians have expressed resentment over the clauses of the agreement, the Defence Minister, Dominic Nitiwul, said the agreement is in the best interest of Ghana.

He said that the US personnel will only be given a few buildings to operate in, contrary to media reports that a portion of land was going to be allocated to them for the establishment of a base.


Ghanaians Won’t Entertain Foreign TroopsJJ-Rawlings-620x330

Former President Jerry John Rawlings, has somewhat kicked against the government’s decision to host foreign troops from the United States of America in the country, as part of a US-Ghana defence cooperation arrangement.

He said, “Ghanaians may love Americans but not to the extent of living with [the] foreign troops,” he said.

Rawlings, a former military leader, suggested that the presence of US troops in the country as being championed by the New Patriotic Party (NPP) government, could be considered as foreign domination on the economic and social lives of Ghanaians.

The government is actively pushing for the indefinite hosting of military personnel and equipment from the US in Ghana, following a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed between the countries earlier in March 2018.

The Defence Minister, Dominic Nitiwul , who laid the agreement before Parliament for consideration on Tuesday, argued that Ghana stands to benefit so much from the agreement.

While denying that a land will be allocated to foreign troops to serve as a base, he said a few buildings have been identified close to the Kotoka International Airport to be made available for the use of the US officers.

As part of the agreement, the US military will be exempted from paying taxes on equipment they will bring to Ghana.

They will also be allowed to set up a telecommunication system on Ghana’s radio spectrum for free.

Ghanaian authorities will also be restricted from accessing the facilities given to the US officials when they begin using them.

Also, the foreign troops will be permitted to wear their uniforms, carry weapons, and use their foreign documents including drivers’ licenses in the country without restriction.

Although many Ghanaians are crying foul over the agreement, Defence Minister, Dominic Nitiwul says their concerns are misplaced.

But Rawlings, who has so far been very supportive of decisions by the Akufo-Addo government is not enthused about the moves to host the US troops.

“Ghanaians may love Americans, but not to the extent of living with foreign troops on such a scale. Ghanaians have enough foreigners dominating their economic and social life. Adding foreign troops to the discomfort would be a bit too much. Ghanaians have felt stateless before in my lifetime. Let’s not go there again,” Rawlings said.

Meanwhile, the minority in Parliament has called on the government to immediately withdraw the agreement from Parliament.

The Minority Spokesperson on Foreign Affairs, Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa in an interview on Eyewitness News on Tuesday said the government’s action was akin to selling Ghana’s sovereignty to the US for a paltry $20 million which the US Embassy in Ghana says the US is committing to Ghana’s security for 2018.

They are calling for wider consultations on the agreement before it is considered after a possible review of some of the clauses.